London to inaugurate the first ever fountain that is floating in the air

Would you dare to go for a swim at 35-metre height above the earth between 2 10-storey buildings of a residential complex of buildings Embassy Gardens?

A completely transparent 25-metre-long structure was initially created in Colorado. Upon being transported to Texas and travelling across the Atlantic Ocean for 3 weeks, the wondrous structure has finally arrived at its destination. A part of the pool that is 14 metres long seems to be floating in the air. Both edges of the pool are located on the roofs of elite residential buildings with zero entry and a stylish patio surrounding it. The central part of the pool floats in the air, supported by a steel frame.

At night the facility allows its guests to enjoy magnificent views over the Palace of Westminster, the observation wheel and the river Thames. The only visitors admitted to enjoy Sky Pool are the residents of the complex Embassy Gardens and their guests along with the members of a premium club “Eagle club”.