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A unique funnel dam Ladybower

It is not a rarity that a masterpiece of engineering becomes a popular tourist destination. This is the case of Ladybower reservoir in Great Britain, famous for its funnel-shaped dam outlets that form astounding whirlpools when opened.

Dam outlets are created to adjust water level, which at times can be significantly increased by tremendous downpours or spring snowmelt floods. Such circumstances are particularly life-threatening if the dam supports a motorway or railways. Hence, dam outlets are aimed at decreasing the level of water when necessary.

While such constructions do not usually draw special attention, Ladybower’s engineers back in 1939-1945 opted for a rather unusual solution – to build the outlets in the shape of funnels. The reservoir boasts two funnels, 24 and 4.6 metres in diameter respectively.

The only way to see them in action is to get there in spring, when the reservoir fills up and so there is a need to get rid of the surplus of water.