The Dubai Fountains that sing

The Dubai fountains is an imposing fountain system in UAE that displays the wealth and the abundance of the state. The landmark is neighbouring Burj Khalifa tower. The system is believed to be one of the biggest on our planet, and its jets can go as high as 150 metres, which equals to 50 storeys of a skyscraper.
The overall length of the construction is 275 metres. It was made in a form of a sophisticated loop with five central pieces placed along its length. Powerful water jet propellers and most modern shooters that allow to create jets of different length, shape and angle, colourful spotlights – all that is the foundation of its spectacular shows. The shows are accompanied by famous Arabic compositions and world-known hits, such as «I Will Always Love You» by Whitney Houston,«Thriller» by Michael Jackson,«Time to say goodbye» by Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti.
Fun facts! Illumination rays of the fountain system are so powerful that they are actually visible as far as 32 kilometres away. More than 6500 beam and 25 colour spotlights are used to create the show, which consists of a series of short parts. The duration of a part depends on the duration of the tracks that follow each other with small intervals in between. Each track is performed with complicated figures, especially developed by physicists and engineers. Interestingly, a single track performance preparation may take up to a few months.